CHIIKAKO ROSY has played and worked in the Arts of all genres and styles.


She graduated from a university of music. She was primary, junior high and senior high school lecturer and a piano teacher.

She was also a Musical-Star and a choreographer, and she taught members of a theatrical company to sing and dance. She was also Qigong lecturer.


She has made various paintings in Sumi, Japanese paintings, oil paintings, mixed media art and solid cubic works. 

She also had drawn paintings in Sumi and Japanese-style paintings in the academic style of the 1900's.

  When she visited Southern France to see her exhibition in 1998, she was shocked at the difference from Japan’s and France’s sunlight. Then she originated a new artistic technique of how to paint and put the special undercoating in oil in the heat of the France's southern scenery and sunlight with only using painting knives. She also started to draw abstract paintings in oil, acrylic and mixed media in the last few decades.

  When she knew of the appalling tragedy in New York in 2011, she decided to create two styles’   "Peace"(compositions with Japanese paper mixed) and "Vigor" and "Hope" (oil and acrylic mixed). 

“Peace”: She first painted the rays of  the souls of deceased persons and  various lights in oil and acrylic onto the canvas. Then, composed them and put them onto three-dimensional objects. Secondly on implanted traditional Japanese papers had the words written of the Shinto prayer and Heart Sutra (Hannya Shingyo) by her pray, and some other affirmative words. Then she decorated them with crystals, pearls, gold leaves, micas, and roses petals which left a very beautiful artistic work.She has worked many series of art.


She was awarded the LE SALON bronze prize in France and another prize by Cuba's cultural minister. She has received the international art grand prize at a Spain exhibition as well. She is also received various other prizes for artistic works.              


She has exhibits in galleries and art fairs of New York, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris, Tokyo and Nagoya in Japan. She has 15 solo exhibits in New York and Japan and many other exhibits in 18 countries (France, Monaco, Italy, Germany, Spain, U.S.A., the Vatican, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Australia, Cuba, China, Singapore, South Korea, Belgium and Japan).


She has artwork collections in Malaysia National Art Museum, Asia Museum, The Vatican, Ichinomiya's Art Museum, EIHEIJI, TOJI, HONEN-IN, TAGA TAISYA, YASAKA JINJYA and 40 other various locations in Japan and all around the world.


  She writes the lyrics in Japanese and English, and composes music as well. She also has concerts where she sings Original, Jazz, Popular songs, R&B, Rock, Latin-American music, Classics and mix them while drawing live-paintings in about ten minutes, while she dances to improvise with the music of famous musicians. She has released 2 albums with these musicians who have played around the world. 


She conveys and gives expression to the meaning of “Vigor, Healing, Love and Peace”.